Bunching Onion Seeds in Pakistan

the scientific name is Allium
and commonly called as long green onion, Spring Onion or
Japanese bunching onion. It is a species of perennial (Around the year) plants
and often they are considering a type of Scallion.

Yes they are perennial onion that
produce fresh and yummy stem with tiny soft roots around the year.

If you have a open area in your
house or you are living in flat/apartment in a busy city , there is no issue
you can grow your own pesticides free bunching onion at home. The growing
process include following steps and requirements:

You can purchase bunching
onion seeds
from local gardening shop of your city or second best option is
buy seeds from online shop. The Gardening shop (Karachi) is one of the best
online gardening shop where you can purchase premium quality bunching
seeds only in Rs. 99. You can visit gardening shop official website
at or
official store Gardening shop (Karachi)

The onion
will germinate when the temperatures between 7.77  ͦC to 30  ͦC and the best optimum temperature is 15.5  ͦC.

The bunching
seeds germinate in 6 to 12 days when all optimum conditions provided
for germination.

When the seedling are 8-18” tall
and thick like a pencil, they will ready to transplant outdoor in a field or in
large pot. Transplant 6” apart one plant from another and the distance between
two rows must be 24”. The one thing must remember when dibbled seedling in the
hole it must be 6” deep and only 1-2” of the leaves needed to extend above the
surface of the soil.

Pinch the tip of center leaf when
it start flowering.

It’s is your living factory of
bunching onion, you can harvest any time when you need in kitchen but always harvest
older leaves first that trigger newest and younger leaves grow faster and soon
ready for the harvest.

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