Congrats to 2021 Photo Winners: Images Show Beauty of the Season

Congratulations to all the MyPlanting21 entrants and winners, including this beautiful sunset image by Morgan Hansen. Winners will be featured in the August issue of Progressive Farmer Magazine. (Photo by Morgan Hansen)

Hopefully most of the planters are being hosed off and readied for storage, and we’ve just wrapped up our MyPlanting21 photo contest. The tallies are in for the most popular photos, and we’ve counted up the votes for our Editor’s Choice awards.

Congratulations to all the winners, it was yet again a delight watching those images as they rolled in. There were some extremely unique and well-thought-out images, all showing the beauty and reality of the crop season on the farm. Winners in the overall contest, chosen by popular vote, were: first place, Wendy Pope; second place, Aimee Bissell. Winners in the Editor’s Choice category were: first place, Morgan Hansen (that image accompanies this article); second place, Holly Poduska.

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