Consult Safety Checklist First Before Working Alone

UMASH added, “Stop and ask yourself what could go wrong. How bad could it be? Has anything changed? Then think. Ask yourself if you clearly understand the task. Are you physically and mentally ready? Do you have the right tools?”

UMASH posted a safety checklist for people who are considering working alone:

— Can the task be completed at a different time with more than one person? How?

— Consider what hazards exist when working alone, such as heights, machinery, livestock and chemicals.

— How can you eliminate these hazards, substitute them with something safer, or create barriers between yourself and the hazards?

— Are you and employees fully trained on safely doing the task?

— Are you rested, focused, fed and hydrated?

— Does someone know where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing? Do they plan to check on you at a certain time?

— Does this person have supplies if you’re injured? Do you have a fully-stocked first aid kit?

— Stick to a return plan. Who will make sure you’ve returned at the agreed-upon time?

— Do you have the appropriate tools with you?

— Are you wearing all the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job?

— Do you have an emergency plan in place, including what you’ll do if injured or an escape plan when working with livestock?

To download the pdf checklist for your farm that includes checklist items, as well as places to mark if something needs correction, the date of correction or other notes, go to….

Some additional resources on working alone, including what to pack in a summer first aid kit can be found at:….

The extra 60 seconds or so of your day you spend on this checklist before you are off to work alone will help keep you safe and also give peace of mind to others.

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