Cooper Suggests RFS Volumes Rule Should be Completed by Biden Administration

If EPA had released an RFS volumes proposal on Monday, volumes likely wouldn’t have been finalized until early next year.

“At this point, it likely makes more sense to let the new administration handle the 2021 RVO rulemaking process entirely,” Cooper said.

“President-elect Biden has correctly noted that the RFS waivers granted by the current EPA have ‘severely cut ethanol production, costing farmers income and ethanol plant workers their jobs.’ Thus, we are confident that the new EPA administrator, whoever that may end up being, will stop doing secret favors for oil refiners and ensure the RFS is implemented in a way that is consistent with the law and congressional intent.”

Even if it takes the next administration a few months to finalize a new rule, Cooper said the current statute is “crystal clear” it requires the blending of at least 15 billion gallons of corn ethanol with gasoline.

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“So, while there may be some uncertainty around where the final advanced and cellulosic volume requirements may end up, the marketplace should be able to enter 2021 with some level of confidence around the conventional renewable fuel and biomass-based diesel requirements,” he said.

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