CRP General Sign Up Begins

While the last farm bill increased acreage for the program, it also lowered rental rates to 85% of the average dryland cash rental rate for the county.

In November, a coalition of wildlife and conservation groups called on the incoming Biden administration to change the way CRP is being administered to boost acreage in the program. Among some of the proposals are recommendations to restore soil productivity as an adjusting factor in rental-rate calculations; increasing practice incentives that were greatly reduced in recent years; re-establishing a cost-share for mid-contract management practices; and accelerating the roll out of forest management incentives that have been delayed.

Starting March 15, USDA also will begin enrollment in the CRP Grasslands program, which focuses on rangeland and pastureland.

Landowners are encouraged to contact their local Farm Service Agency offices for more details on CRP enrollment.

USDA CRP factsheet:…

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