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Study on “Who is the “arthi”: Understanding the commission agent’s role in the agriculture supply Chain-Findings from a Scoping Study in Pakistan’s Punjab” financed by IGC. The availability of financial services is an important element to overall economic growth. Despite efforts to increase the reach of formal financial institutions into rural communities, their services are limited and skewed towards large landowners. Smallholder and other resource constraint farmers are largely bypassed and instead rely on the informal sector to meet their financial needs. As such, the informal sector—consisting of private money lenders and other intermediaries—provides a necessary service even if the market is often regarded as being uncompetitive and limiting the income growth potential of smallholder farmers. This study provides insights into the role of middlemen (arthis) in meeting the financial needs of smallholders.

Team Leader

For preparation of Research & Development Program of P&D Department with the objective to sensitize public/private research organizations/institutions to initiate and undertake relevant policy oriented research studies; to provide R&D Grants to the selected public/private research organizations/institutions; and to formulate regular development schemes in the respective sector on the basis of findings of research studies.

Team Leader

Provincial Working Group of One UN Program (OP-II) which has the 6 Strategic Priority Areas as Vulnerable and marginalized populations have equitable access and use of quality services; Inclusive economic growth through the development of sustainable livelihoods; Increased national resilience to disasters, crises and external shocks; Strengthened governance and social cohesion; Gender equality and social justice; and Food and nutrition security for the most vulnerable groups.

Team Member

For planning and execution of 4th Multiple Indictors Cluster Survey (MICS) – 2014 Bureau of Statistics, Govt. of the Punjab.

Team Leader

To prepare Draft Report on 5 Years’ Roll out Plan Proposed by NRSP under Chief Minister’s Poverty Reduction Program (CMPRP) in Punjab.

Team Leader

To prepare Action plan for the Government of the Punjab to reduce poverty and other remedial measures for population suffers from destitution and hunger.

Focal Person, Punjab Growth Strategy

Economic growth in Punjab must be Private sector led, based on improvements in Productivity of resources, focused on employment intensive job creation, anchored in better functioning urban clusters, Export oriented, and bolstered by better skilled and more employable youth by addressing critical gaps in human capital.

Focal Person, World Bank Punjab Jobs and Competitiveness Mission

To take investment climate reforms with the objective to improve the overall business environment of the province for making it more conducive for domestic as well as for foreign investors, creating better quality jobs and enhancing business competitiveness in Punjab.


Rural Finance Resource Centre, National Institute of Banking & Finance, State Bank of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Subject Specialist

Punjab Public Service Commission.