Don’t Squander the Time Between Holidays

There are a lot of questions about what 2021’s first quarter will pan out to be. How will a Biden administration affect/influence the cattle market? Typically fed cattle supplies are tight through the first quarter and somewhat through the second quarter, but with the mix-up in this year’s cattle marketing cycle more cattle are expected to be available in the late winter/early spring months — how will that affect the historical spring rally? And we can’t overlook the industry’s creeping corn prices. Though today’s levels aren’t by any means historic, how will they influence both fat cattle and feed cattle sale?

Your assumptions are correct — with plenty of unknowns already developing for 2021 to answer, cattlemen and feedlots alike cannot afford to let today’s opportunity pass them by. Taking advantage of any market potential is vital for the last few weeks of 2020 and could offer a better position heading into 2021.

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