Olive Cultivation-Bringing Peace to FATA

Olive Plantation Initiatives

45% land of FATA is suitable for olive cultivation

(GIS study conducted by IOA and PODB)

Most suitable areas includes

–Bajaur 79,899 ha (53.4 %)

–Mohmand 75,167 ha (34.2 %)

–Kurram 93,676 ha (19.1 %)

–SWA 37,134 ha (6.4 %)

–NWA 51,319 ha (15.3 %)

Olive Cultivation-Bringing Peace to FATAWhy Olive Plantation

• Plant of Marginal land

• Minimum land preparation cost

• Minimum inputs cost

• High rate of return

• Simple value addition

• Wide range of products

• Fruit bearing life >900 years

• Suitable for many areas

• Can reduce import bill

• Great export potential


• Sustenance of farmers

• Security concerns in FATA

• Farmers education & training

• Limited saplings available

• Infrastructure (road, market)

• Water scarcity

Implementation Strategy

• Implementation to start from FR/closer to settled areas

• Ownership of Politicians, PAs, Maliks and Notables

• Selection of areas with irrigation resources

• Sustenance of poor growers

• Free distribution of saplings

• Monitoring through satellite imagery/third party audit

• Training of farmers

• Small oil extraction units to be developed by ABEI, PARC


• Environmental improvement

• Marginal land utilization

• Development of village entrepreneurship

• Employment generation

• Livelihood improvement

• Export potential

Source: Presentation highlight taken from Pakistan Agriculture Research Council Website for original Presentation Click Here

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