Organic certification in Pakistan: How certified your products as organic

Organic production required a
certification in order to confirmation that production is performing using
natural inputs and meet the standards of the organic proposed by USDA or EU. We
received many questions from the readers: How we can certify our fruits/crops
in PAKISTAN? What is the procedure of organic certification in PAKISTAN? Let’s
we try to briefly explain the procedure of organic certification in PAKISTAN.

Before starting Organic certification procedure in Pakistan, we must know the standard procedure of organic certification that follow around the globe for certification of crops, fruits, fisheries or livestock. Organic certification is a procedure for third party issue of certificate that shows your production method is completely compliance as per NOP, EU etc standards. The processes of organic certification are started from the submission of application form to USDA or EU accredited third party inspection and certification body. The accredited body will review the application and announce date for the first inspection of the field. After the initial inspection the third party organic audit firm proposed offer for the certification that based on cropping area. After accepting offer from controlling body the client will deposit certification fee. The client required to submitted following documents:

  1. Application
  2. Organic System Plan
  3. Farm map
  4. Field histories for new fields
  5. Operator agreement or affirmation
  6. Report of organic yields and sales

All documents must submit to
accredited body as per provided standard. The submitted documents will verified
by the inspector during organic field audits. If he/she found any
non-confirmatory during field audit, the field will not certified as organic.
The inspector can take samples of soil, water, weeds or crops parts during
field audits for pesticide analysis or laboratory testing.

If you have a plant to organic
certify your field crop, process, fisheries, fruits etc you can follow simple
steps as:

  1. Contact Control Union Pakistan on below information.
  2. Submit your application form and received offer from them.
  3. After accepting offer and submit of all required documents wait for the first inspection.
  4. The inspector will visit your crop/field/area and submit a report the certifier.
  5. The certifier will take decision on the base of audit and laboratory report.
  6. The certifier will issue organic certificate if you meet the USDA, EU etc organic production rules (This process will required three or more years from date of application)

In Pakistan the Organic
certification accredited body is only Control Union (CU). You can contact with
control on following contact:

Name Control Union Pakistan
(Pvt) Ltd.
Address Office no. 202A, Second
The Cotton Exchange Building. I.I Chundrigar Road
74000 Karachi
Phone +922132428866
Fax +92 21 32421110

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