That’s a Wrap on 2020

Despite the move, farming has not gotten any easier, with this week’s Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s Business Barometer for December showing both the short-term (three-month) and long-term (12-month) business sentiment indices for agriculture falling during the past month, which both reflect a weakening forward expectation of business performance. The 12-month index of 47.5 and the three-month index of 40 are the lowest seen since August and September, respectively, while are both below the index of 50, with levels above 50 signaling growth in the industry.

Picking tops in a market is never easy but for now, the trend is your friend. We look forward to the upcoming calendar year, the stories of 2020-21 production sold at attractive levels and the opportunity to start looking ahead to 2021-22.


DTN 360 Poll

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Wishing all a safe, happy and prosperous 2021!

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