USDA Suspends CFAP Payments for Regulatory Review

Stabenow said that, as someone who wrote the CARES Act, there were things that Congress told USDA “that they should do that they did not do.”

“I very much want to see them evaluate, look at what we wrote into the law that has not been acted upon,” she said. “I want to make sure every dollar is spent in the most effective way to feed people and help farmers.”

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said in a news release that payments should be resumed as quickly as possible.

“The pandemic has taken an unprecedented toll on American agriculture, and the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program has provided a lifeline for farmers and ranchers across the country,” Duvall said.

“Many growers who previously did not qualify for assistance continue to suffer losses and need the help CFAP provides.”

“We recognize the new administration’s desire to review important farmer and rancher assistance programs and we urge USDA to take into consideration our comments on how to improve such programs,” he said, “We appreciate that CFAP applications will continue to be accepted, and we encourage the swift resumption of distribution of resources to the people who are working to keep America’s pantries stocked.”

Duvall referred to a letter that Farm Bureau sent to USDA officials on January 21, a day after President Biden took office making suggestions on how the Biden administration should use the remaining CFAP resources.

– USDA — Coronavirus Food Assistance Program – Additional Assistance…

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