Vaccines Inject Optimism Into Markets

Corn: In 2018-19, ethanol production accounted for 38% of corn demand; but like gasoline, ethanol demand was hit by the global pandemic in 2020 and production remains lower than pre-coronavirus levels. Corn prices, however, are showing no hint of bearish regret as exports have taken up the baton in late 2020 and pushed corn prices to new 1-year highs. March corn closed up 14 cents last week at $4.37 1/2, near its contract high and continuing to look bullish from a technical point of view. March corn prices have been in such a strong uptrend that prices have held above their 30-day average since mid-August. The contract high of $4.39 1/2 may offer some resistance, but there is a larger challenge waiting at $4.76, the high of the March contract in 2019. So far, the trend in corn remains up.

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