Where to Put Those Profits?

Assuming, though, that some of these higher grain and oilseed prices make it to the profit side of the ledger, what should farmers do with that extra income?

The DTN writing team, led in this project by DTN Farm Business Editor Katie Dehlinger, asked and you’re answering. We talked to farmers, bankers, crop managers and others, looking for recommendations and goals on where to invest extra dollars. The series, which will feature a number of stories during July, includes: Smart investments in the 2021 crop; how to work through land-rent adjustments; rethinking your commodity marketing strategy to capture the most of current prices; smart equipment buying choices, and more.

Dehlinger walks us through these topics in more detail in a recent “Reporter’s Notebook” video, found here:


We realize that “good times” can be a stretch for some, especially as we track areas of the U.S. Corn Belt suffering drought conditions and watch the continually upside-down livestock market.

But as DTN Lead Analyst Todd Hultman has said repeatedly, while daily issues may continue to put volatile swings in the market, China’s need for grains and oilseeds apparently isn’t going away soon. With U.S. drought issues, and no huge stockpiles of grains anywhere, the bulls have the market for the moment.

Being ready to invest whatever extra dollars hit the bottom line is how we extend the benefits of any market uptick, whether they’re “good times” or simply “not so bad” times.

Let us know what you’ll do with extra cash, and what it will take to get it. You can send your feedback to talk@dtn.com.

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